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Hi Guys,

As a follow up to the Global Canaries newsletter that has been published I just wish to welcome new supporters to the fan group. There has been an email sent out to get in touch with supporters and ask if they’re interested in attending a game in January/February.

I have included a poll for you to answer which game you would like to attend. We can run this for a week or two and then try and proceed with booking tickets with the club if it is possible.

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We’re Here!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Irish Canaries site. With the page launched, we’re hoping to grow our fan base in Ireland and get to know more supporters around the country. I think last weekend was a success with the trip to Carrow Road for the official Long Distance Supporters game. A massive thanks to Nevill Graver for the banner design which looked very well live on Sky Sports.

With the site up and running I’m hoping people can submit their locations so that groups of our members can meet up to watch a game or two. If someone is interested in writing their thoughts on the season, that will be welcomed too. I feel having a site where we can interact will keep us all in touch with each other instead of email, tweets etc. At the minute I’m hoping to use the Twitter function a lot more.

This is just a quick intro and let’s see how this evolves. I’m hoping we get a lot of interest and interaction going.

OTBC – Ken

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